The Tacko Fall Legend Officially Begins…

Tacko Fall enters first home game...

Tacko Fall is loved by many, hated by few. How could you not love this guy? He’s well on his way to becoming a legend in something. May not be basketball, but either way the people love them some Tacko. There is only one thing we can think of that could have made this first […]

Former Tiger Plants His Flag In The XFL

Former Tiger to the XFL

Tiger fans have to remember Cole Tracy. The guy that broke Auburn’s heart with a 42 yard dagger in Alabama last year. Coach O was still looking to “win the big game” after beating the dog shit out of Miami and Southeastern. We were down by 2 with all of our hope on the leg […]

NOLA Referee Virus

NOLA Referee Virus

This is an emergency. There’s an epidemic in New Orleans! This city has become “Ground Zero” for the most disgusting sickness known to mankind. The NOLA Referee Virus is starting to spread. If you haven’t heard of this sickness, you must be hiding under the swamp. Here’s the definition of the NOLA Ref Virus(NRV): A […]

Anybody Looking For More Football?

Anybody looking for more football?

We all could use more football, right? If you were born before 1995 then you probably remember the XFL in 2001. Vince McMahon took Attitude Era wrestling and tried to turn it into a one of a kind football league. Well, it was tragic folks! It was so damn awful that networks pulled their TV […]