Cowboy Cerrone Gives Zero Fucks

Cowboy Cerrone

Cerrone Tells A Keyboard Warrior to Pull Up! Keyboard Warriors have been after Cerrone since he lost to Conor Mcgregor at UFC 247. You know the Stephen A. Smiths of the world who have zero life but to criticize others. Well, this one poor fucker just erkked Cowboy Cerrone’s taters so much he told the […]

Heartbreak in Peru


The Bachelor Heads To Peru, Heartbreak Ensues Let me first say, rose holders, there was no blog of Wednesday episode. I went on a short girls trip, and I missed the episode. Lucky for you all, you don’t have to listen to me mourn Mykenna being sent home. I still have not seen the episode, […]

Myles Garrett Back In The League

Myles Garrett Back In The NFL

Myles Garrett has just been officially reinstated by the NFL, and that asshole Roger Goodell. Garrett met with the NFL over the last couple days, and it seems they were able to strike a deal right in the noggin. This is a big break for Myles. He had been sitting on his ass for several […]

XFL Championship Location

XFL Championship

It looks like they finally found a home for the 2020 XFL Championship game. Houston, Texas will host the first-ever title game for this new era of Spring football. Is it even a surprise that the game will be played here? It is the same place they made every team host their training camp. So […]