Who Should Be The New Sponsor For The Superdome?

We now start the efforts to snag a new sponsor for the Superdome. Earlier this week, reports came out that Mercedes-Benz is dropping its name from our beloved Louisiana Superdome to focus on Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. I thought Mercedes-Benz was a shitty sponsor to begin with, so I am glad they are going with […]

Sorting SEC Football Teams To Hogwarts Houses


So this morning I’m scrolling on twitter, as I sat on my toilet as any red-blooded American does in the morning. I scroll passed this retweet by Rivers Hughey. So gotta give T-Bob the credit here on the topic of SEC Football Teams To Hogwarts Houses, but let’s take it a step further. I’m going […]

Breakfast Bangers: 90s Cereal Ya Dentist Hated

Morning, fam. As I sat on my back porch this morning eating a big bowl or cereal , Captain Crunch to be specific, I thought to myself what an underrated breakfast category it really is. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pound of applewood smoked bacon every now and then but cereal is […]

Where Is Billy Blanks? Only The Real Remember

Where is Billy Blanks? The God of Tae Bo.

Where is Billy Blanks? Can’t quite pin point it, but the high paced fitness legend left a mark on my life. This once in a lifetime MACHINE had some sauce that was fucking slappin in the 90’s. Billy was also 20 times fucking tighter than Richard Simmons. Sorry Richard, but I just rather Billy and […]