UFC 250 Gets Upgraded

UFC 250

UFC 250 One of the weakest cards I ever laid eyes on, got some star power injection today. As Dana White and Mick Maynard announced some additions to UFC 250. Amanda Nunes vs Felica Spencer headline the card that was pushed back because of Covid-19. Glad to see this fight didn’t get canceled altogether. The […]

Dak Prescott Wants The Bag: Seeking Highest QB Contract In History

Dak Wants The Bag

Dak Prescott wants the bag and is seeking to be the highest-paid rock slinger in NFL history. No I don’t mean the drug, even though for his asking price he seems high as Astronaut pussy. He reportedly turned down a 5-year contract worth 175M big ones from the Cowboys which, later denied in a report […]

Josh Gordon Is One Incredibly Persistent Stoner

Josh Gordon is back like he left something..

That ain’t a bird or a plane, its Josh Gordon back at the NFL doorstep looking to roll it up and put it ALL behind em. We can officially say the world is operating normal and routine after the news dropped today that Josh Gordon will be seeking a bag of reinstatement from the NFL. […]

The Superdome to be Renamed the “Stripchat Superdome?”

As we all know, the Mercedes Benz Superdome will be no longer after the 2021 season. This is not huge news to a lot of fans because to most of us, no matter who is the sponsor, it will always be the Louisiana Superdome. HTMtrainwreck has already come up with 8 potential sponsors for our […]