The Most Anticipated Saints Game Voted by the Fans

The New Orleans Saints’ 2020-2021 schedule was released a few weeks ago, and over at NolaSportsHub and HTMSports, we took it upon ourselves to find out which game is the most anticipated. We’ve been running polls daily for over two weeks, and the fans have spoken. Seeding and Round One Seeding Opponent (1) Week 1 […]

Eli Manning Tweets Will Win You Over Immediately

Eli Manning on Twitter

Eli Manning twitter may be the comedy I was looking for all along. He’s demanding respect on Twitter, and has mine quite frankly. Older brother, Peyton Manning is out playing 18 holes of irrelevant pick up golf with Tiger Woods and two guys who have no clue what the fuck they are doing. Well, at […]

Brees/Garcia Got Ups

In case you missed it… Drew Brees just challenged the winner of Brady/Mickleson vs. Manning/Woods on instagram, calling “The Match” a semi-final matchup and the winner gets to play Brees and Sergio Garcia. I don’t know about you, but I’m throwing THE HOUSE on a Brees/Garcia. Those two would destroy these chumps playing today. Sergio […]

Jordan Saints Drip That Sean Payton Can Provide For New Orleans

Jordan Saints Jerseys

I’ll get to the Jordan Saints swagger in a moment. Yeah anyways, the news popped up about Saints Head Coach Sean Payton becoming the first coach to ever link up with Michael Jordan on a shoe deal. That is a total vibe right now, and Sean Payton’s drip is about to flood the market. Also, […]

Craig’s Checkered Flag Report: The Cola 600 Arrives!

Checkered Flag Report: Memorial Day

We waiving them ole Carolina checkered flags at the Coca-Cola 600 today boys and girls. Here is a reality check on what that exactly means. Time to go FAST AS FUCK in Charlotte. We headed going back to the good ole days of spinning tires, lighting fires, and running shine all Courtesy of the Red, […]