Craig’s Checkered Flag Report: Alsco Uniforms 500

Alsco Uniforms 500

We riding fast for another 500 miles at the Alsco Uniforms 500. One more before they change their oil, switch them tires, and get ready burn the piss out of some rubber in Bristol. Charlotte and Concord aren’t done with your asses yet though. Look out for heavy hitters testing these youngsters and the back […]

What In The Hell Has Macaulay Culkin Been Doing?

Macaulay Culkin

The almost 40 year old Macaulay Culkin will not be watching Home Alone with you during the holidays. In fact, he probably can’t fucking stand ya. Nah, but all isn’t as unordinary with Mister Culkin as you might have heard. My guy gonna be just fine! Don’t even worry about it. Not even here to […]

Colby Covington Booted From American Top Team

American Top Team

American Top Team Has Had Enough The dog and pony show that is Colby Covington has come to an end. Well at least at American Top Team. The separation seemed inevitable after the feud with Jorge Masvidal and Joanna Jedzejczyk. The rift between Colby and Dustin Poirier seems to be squashed. But even then you […]

National Burger Day: Three of the Most Nostalgic Moments

It is National Burger Day. At least that’s what Twitter tells me. I figured now is the perfect time to take a look at three of the most legendary and nostalgic burger moments that we have witnessed. Bubble Bass’ Deluxe Order I’m going to say that Bubble Bass was one of the most frustrating characters […]

Superfight! Conor Mcgregor And Anderson Silva

Conor Mcgregor Anderson Silva

Twitter Is A Strange Place Conor Mcgregor and Anderson Silva have both mutually agreed to a catchweight fight. I am going to give this a 10% chance of happening and that’s a favorable chance. When Herny Cejudo can ride roller coasters at Disney, then I’ll believe this fight has a chance. Anderson is far past […]