So You Wanna Hold Some Mayo? Tryouts – Joe Show

So, You Wanna Hold Some Mayo?

Do these cats really wanna hold some mayo? I guess we get to find out over the next few months. I’ve decided to run these gentleman, and ladies if we are fortunate enough, through a subtle test of personality. Can you get on screen and capture this audience? You’ve got about 10 fucking seconds to […]

Snow And Merry Look To Survive With A SB Champ Tonight

Snow and Merry.

All games come to an end as the Snow and Merry Warzone trials begin tonight on Facebook Live @ 9:00. ALT 92.3’s Daniel Merry texted Devin Snow the other night looking to knock some blocks on Call of Duty. Devin did his usual “yeah I’m in” send back and didn’t make it to the sticks. […]

Power Ranking The 2020 Hurricane Season Names

Ladies and gentlemen, we made it. No, the Coronavirus has not disappeared. It’s June 1st, which means it is the official start of the 2020 hurricane season. I hope everyone in South Louisiana has been testing their generators, because apparently this hurricane season is going to be a rough one. Living in South Louisiana for […]

Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife, Hide Ya ATMs!

Hide Ya ATMs, Y’all! Who steals an ATM? This guy. But this isn’t just any run of the mill type of robbery. This dude isn’t throwing this ATM in the back of his truck and hauling ass outta there. HE’S TRYING TO TAKE IT ON A CUTY BUS! I mean this is prime 2020 “stupid […]

Watch Jon Jones Disarm Graffiti Enthusiasts

Jon Jones disarms graffiti enthusiasts.

We head to New Mexico as Jon Jones was seen showing the fuck up disarming spray can advocates. You love to see it. Only other thing I wish would’ve happened is Jon taking that spray can and launching it on top of a New Mexico skyscraper. Now, watch Jon “Bones” Jones disarm this cat real […]