The Myles Brennan Family Has DEEP New Orleans Roots

Myles Brennan Family Roots.

Replacing the greatest quarterback in college football history is no simple task. However, LSU’s Myles Brennan has been poised to lead these exact tigers to the promise land. Just like the Myles Brennan family has led us all to the exact same thing for legendary grub? Brennan personally is all too familiar with the New […]

Debate Is Healthy & Writing Off Drew Brees Is Pretty Odd

Disrespecting Drew Brees

Writing off Drew Brees and pushing that value down a bit? Is it a write off, or is this just a temporary fuck you to Drew? Everyone has a stance, and this one you about to hear will remain consistent with how I’ve personally praised Drew the last 15 years. I don’t even agree with […]

Rest Easy Basketball Fans, The NBA Is Back

Last week, the NBA’s projected return date was announced. When that news came out, we all went and circled July 31st on our calendars. That gave us the when, and we already knew the where (Disney World), so we were just waiting on the how. Today, the NBA made the announcement on the format that […]

Breakfast Bangers II: Pop-Tart Pick ‘Em

Sup, fam. Welcome back to Breakfast Bangers Part Deaux- Pop Tart edition. Hot and fresh, right outta the toaster. Another very underrated staple to the most important meal of the day. My last Breakfast Bangers blog focused on some of the most unhealthy but delicious cereals of our time. Let’s keep that same energy. For […]