Chimaev Takes A Grown Man’s Soul With One Punch!

Chimaev takes a man's soul.

Khamzat Chimaev takes combat to a an extremely brutal level and it took 17 seconds for him to show anybody who gives a rat’s ass just that. Hold ya face… Ever been to hell? Me neither. But, Gerald Meerschaert could tell ya exactly how it feels after getting his soul grabbed and sent to the […]

Free Mouth Friday XI: Struggle In SpreadQuarters

Free Mouth Friday XI

SpreadQuarters had never witnessed such an act like personal injury attorney Tommy Badeaux exercising a free mouth by calling his own shot. Who the fuck even analyzes this circus like that? Want honesty? Most of this talent would get thrown out of a Metairie tavern. Surely wouldn’t warrant a fucking cover charge. Don’t get me […]

Show Me The Slip: Covington Vs Woodley

Covington Vs Woodley

Bad Blood: Covington Vs Woodley Covington Vs Woodley is on the plate tonight in the UFC. I honestly don’t believe there are two other fighters that have this level of disdain for one another than Colby Covington and Tyrone Woodley. But that fight isn’t the only high caliber bout on this card. Uncle Dana is […]

Mayo Spreads: Week Two Wager Whirlwind

Mayo Spreads Week Two

Mayo Spreads during week two take on a whole different identity. Last go around was nothing short of a colossal tragedy. 4/13 in NFL spreads and picks. 1/5 in college spreads and picks. However, what do ya do when the wheels fall off? Ya keep loading the wagon, pal. Strap em up soldier, we in […]