The Taysom Hill Experience Seems Seasonal Like Party City

Taysom Hill Experience is ending.

Understanding that Halloween is approaching and that this Taysom Hill experience has worked before, sure. It’s not now. This is becoming all too traditional. A tradition that should be discontinued. It works sometimes, like good ole Party City. It’s just not fucking working right now. Everyone in the world may lose their mind, not just […]

Tradition Meets Da Wabbit On RB&R Day

Tradition Meets Da Wabbit

Da Wabbit finally got the call on a very significant day. Tradition has never been maximized so well with RB&R and the bless you boys getting another opportunity to tap that ass. Not just any ass, tap that California electric car driving ass by beating the Chargers. What do I know about this Wabbit? Not […]

NolaSportsHub’s Keys To The Contest: Week 5

Week 5 is upon us. Let’s hope this Monday Night Football outing is better than the last. The Saints have a chance to go back to the top of the NFC South, but a promising young QB, Justin Herbert, is standing in the way. These are the Keys To The Contest. Keep Running The Ball […]

Weekend Hangover Vol 5

Another Lord’s Day hath passeth and here we findeth ourselves on doth another Monday waking up with a headache thine only Arthur Blank can fathom. That can only mean one thing: It’s time for another installment of the Weekend Hangover. Chances are that nobody suffered more of a hangover than our neighbors up the river […]

Dweebs Downing Brews: Kingfishin’ For Some Cream

I just got back from the sacred boozeland after finishing up Kingfishin’ For Some Cream for the day. Now what the hell am I talking about? What’s wrong with you for asking that? I’m talking about beer, damn it. Specifically, I’m talking about a local mainstay from our own Chafunkta Brewing. Even more specifically, we’re […]