Mcgregor Vs Poirier In Cowboy Stadium

Mcgregor Vs Poirier

So Uncle Dana scratched any chance of Mcgregor Vs Poirier in 2020. He called ESPN and had them create a new PPV date on Jan. 23rd 2021. Which lead to a series of tweets from the two fighters. This looks to be more than an “exhibition” bout as Mcgregor called it. He not only is […]

Melvin Gordon Likes To Go Fast As Fuck And Sip Slow

Melvin Gordon lives the life of Vin Diesel on occasion.

Currently wondering if Melvin Gordon likes the old school whip banger by Kanye West? Drive slow, homie. Nah, Melvin had that “Zoom” by Boosie slapping in Denver on Tuesday night when he was pulled over and charged with DUI. Hell of a way to end the fifth week of the NFL Covid season. Buddy was […]

Trainwreck’s Biggest NFL Headlines: Week Five

We’re back baby! A special Wednesday edition of Trainwreck’s biggest NFL headlines. Thanks Tuesday night football. Week Five from the NFL proved to be a much more exciting one than Week Four. Another coach got the boot, an incredible Monday Night game, and more Covid fuckery. As of now, it looks like this season could […]

Weenie Wednesday – Saints QB Experts

Time to light up the grill boys and girls, because today we are prepared to stick all you Saints QB experts on a skewer. It’s time for Weenie Wednesday and today we’re calling out all of the Breesus & Swiss Army Knife haters. Now look, I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve been a little […]