Smash Or Pass Vol. 1: Amy Schumer Batting Lead Off

Smash or Pass Vol. 1: Amy Schumer

HTM presents “Smash or Pass” in a move to pep up our gracious Holders United community. The group seemed like they were desperately seeking some sort of heart felt and authentic entertainment during a local bye week. Seek no further, I’ve decided to begin a never ending series of debatable toss ups. Ultimate Goal: Make […]

Craig’s Checkered Flag Report: Hollywood Casino 400

Alright, Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to get vertical. We’re headed to Kansas for the third round of the NASCAR playoffs. The field of twelve has been cut down to the field of eight. Whoever grabs the Checkered Flag today is guaranteed a spot in the final four in the Cup Series Championship. All the […]

Mayo Spreads: NFL Risk Ship Or Just Sink Like Piss

Mayo Spreads: Under Shit Tons Of Pressure

I’ll be taking a very calculated NFL risk this Lord’s Day as I’ve lost my entire set of balls off the last 24 hours. No need to explain, but the blatantly simple answer is that nothing sticks. & so is this dead korean zombie mf’er. Whatever. NFL Risk Boat It’s 1:40 AM, Tons of desire […]