Every Update Ya Ever Need To Hear On Hurricane Zeta

Updates On Hurricane Zeta

Just sitting in SpreadQuarters waiting on Hurricane Zeta to unleash her rapid piss winds from the gulf. Honestly, ya boy woke up in utter shock that this shit was all happening. Went to sleep at 5:00 AM after being BoneSlaw for a few hours late into the night. Fucking BONESLAW! But, was banking on having […]

Joe Rogan Rides First Class On The Cancelled Train (Again)

Watch out boys and girls, the Spotify world has been shaken up one again and is Joe Rogan cancelled because of it? Pfffffttttttt, that was funny, wasn’t it? Hell no Joe ain’t cancelled. Rogan is damn near the most uncancellable man on the planet at this point. But if you’ve seen the toxic cesspool that […]

HTM Undressed 136: BoneSLAWWW!

Nobody expected to hear the tale of BoneSLAWWW on HTM Undressed 136. However, shame on ya if so because it was Toss Up Tuesday and that can only mean pure oblivion. It started with Smash or Pass presenting the third ever toss up in Lady Gaga. With an overwhelming support in Holders United, Gaga seemed […]