Morning Wood News: Steph Rayner Wouldn’t Skip Rocks With Ya

Steph Rayner will knock ya coffee out ya hand.

Good lawd and morning wood mercy. On my condiment soul, this woman Steph Rayner is indeed the smokiest of smokeshows. Time to wake up and speaking of which… Let’s talk about never needing a fucking alarm clock if this was everyday bae. Never fails, and the technique remains the same for mayo. Click instagram. Then, […]

Mayo Spreads: Condiment Man Wants College Football Smoke

Heard they got a fella inside the local Cracker Barrel this morning talking bout he wants some college football smoke this weekend? That simple, but simply hungry fella could be you. Ready to risk it all after a nice hearty breakfast at the barrel. Lemme say this, ya came to the right fucking blog. How’s […]