Mayo Spreads College Football Invitational: Week 12

Mayo Spreads Week 12 Invitational

The idea of a community wager tournament for college and pro mayo spreads was brought up by one of the biggest assholes, Brady Morgan. However, as the days went on I started to think that it may have been his best effortless idea to date. I was able to dress this up into something that […]

Shall We Take Another Glimpse At Falkor The Luck Dragon?

Can we take another look at Falkor The Luck Dragon?

Something makes me feel like I woke up yesterday and got my first glimpse at Falkor The Luck Dragon. Which is far from the truth, kinda. Born in 1992, the weirdest fucking film ever released before my lifetime was indeed “The Neverending Story” in 1984. Hands down, I remember watching. Before Further Elaborating On That […]

November To Remember In New Orleans

Can't forget about November 2020 in New Orleans.

As I sit here cussing out Cox Communications, one can only think of the shit that has occurred during this November to remember. Not the same type of memory locals are use to in November. Nice to have the creation of blogs available. Grateful for that undoubtedly as I’ll spend the next few days swinging […]

Valentina Shevchenko Returns At UFC 255

Valentina Shevchenko

Valentina Shevchenko Vs Jennifer Maia Valentina Shevchenko is set to return to the octagon at UFC 255, after being sidelined for most of the year due to an injury. Her opponent? Jennifer Maia, a grappling specialist from Brazil, is currently training with Amanda Nunes. Holding two of Valentina’s three losses Nunes knows what it takes […]