Dishes To Grab To-Go Plates For When Ya Stoned Later On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dishes to consider if ya get real high or stoned...

Phase two is back and even if ya leaving ya house for Thanksgiving it will be essential to grab clutch grub for later. However, for the ones who are staying home and just eating face? Ya need to make sure that copious amounts of one or a few of these dishes are readily available. Don’t […]

Behind The Beans: Red Bean Rankings After 28 Mondays

Behind The Beans on RB&R Day

Tradition has never looked better behind the beans the last few weeks. With no exceptions mentioned, the greatest tradition in the world is thriving in so many ways. By the way, Before we get to 28, what about the 27th spot? I been busy as fuck, bro. Two wins in a row on The Lord’s […]