Stop The Bullshit And Bring Back Creed Next Thanksgiving

Bring Back Creed Next Thanksgiving

Enough of the Lions and Cowgirls it’s time to bring back Creed next Thanksgiving and give the people what they fucking want. This is a pure tragedy watching the Cowgirls lose another football game on Thanksgiving after watching the Lions do the same shortly before. It’s like watching a building burn down ya never cared […]

HTM Undressed 150: Thanksgiving In SpreadQuarters

HTM Undressed 150

Tons to be thankful for on HTM Undressed 150 live from SpreadQuarters. The unquestioned greatest city in the world, thankful folks, and fantastic grub all around the table. Undressed opened up the jar for folks like Joe Show, Craig, Rick, Lionel, and Chuck to call in and embrace the turkey eating moment. But, not till […]