Dr. Dre In ICU After Suffering Brain Aneurysm Monday

Dr. Dre in hospital 2021

The doctor of rap music and more than successful entrepreneur Dr. Dre is in ICU Tuesday after getting rushed to an LA hospital Monday evening. According to sources ya can trust, but I really don’t give a shit about, Doc suffered an aneurysm Monday evening and was taken to a hospital in Los Angeles where […]

Entering The Brain Of Kanye West Post Kim Divorce

Entering The Brain Of Kanye West Post Kim Divorce

All hell and weenies have broke loose as there has been several post and sources who mean absolutely shit to me saying that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are hanging up the straitjackets. They will forever be remembered as I have no idea what they will be remembered as honestly. But, really weird, rich, nutty […]

Mayo Spreads: The NFL Death Race Has Begun

Mayo Spreads The NFL Death Race

Don’t even look at the overlooked as the NFL death race has initiated and punctually the NFL mayo spreads follow not far behind. Ya had 17 weeks to show some respect to the great one in Drew Brees, but anyways that topic alone could produce 1000 pages from mayo. Welcome to Hold The Mayo Wager […]

RB&R Day 34: High Like Ricky Williams On The Tradition

Sticking to my roots and not changing for nobody as RB&R Day 34 smacks the concrete with an impact of tradition. Dunking on the beans like Shaq, high on the beans like Ricky. Ya can’t replace this vibe, especially after the who dat nation prevails. Most definitely as the nation marches into combat on Poydras […]