Mayo Spreads: Lord’s Day Layup For The Folks

Lord's Day Mayo Spreads

Keep it moving with some Lord’s Day Mayo Spreads crafted outta the organic wagering factory known as SpreadQuarters. After going 4/5 last night with knuckle sandwiches, it’s time to look towards the bouncing ball on the court today. Before we dive into gambling, never gamble on being friends with a not so loyal friend. Wiz […]

Craig’s Checkered Flag Report: O’Reilly 253

Here we go again at Daytona. Y’all Motherfuckers get vertical. We gonna go ahead and run the road course this time for points before we ship out to Miami next week. We bout to have some fucking fun at the O’Reilly Auto Parts 253. The Camping World Truck Series and the Xfinity Series have already […]

CoxSux Isn’t Just A T-Shirt, It’s A Full Blown Movement


When taking a gander at this subtle and simple CoxSux shirt, one may think it isn’t worth their time. That is until the wrath of unforgiving Cox hits them right in their face. See, that is where the oh so not gracious fellas over that space center are able to get away with murder. CoxSux […]

Somebody Gonna Need To Wake Curtis Blaydes Up For Church

Wake Curtis Blaydes Up

It’s time to wake Curtis Blaydes after months of the national media riding his mediocre train into the tragedy that struck in the form of a black beast last night. Derrick Lewis remained calm and composed looking for one punch that would put an end to the hype known as Curtis Blaydes. Recently spoke of […]