Tiger Woods In The Hospital After Car Crash In Los Angeles

Tiger Woods In Hospital

The not so cool news released about an hour ago states that Tiger Woods was involved in a roll-over collision and was hospitalized after. First thing first, we hope that Tiger will prevail like has his entire life and recover healthy through this tragedy. Only Tiger’s biggest haters will enjoy this moment and that is […]

Bobby Shmurda On His Way Home With Quavo In A Jet, No Shit

Bobby Shmurda Is On His Way Home In A Jet With Quavo

We’ve already found the biggest headline of the day as Bobby Shmurda is on his way home from prison in a dead ass jet with Quavo. Not bad for the grand departure after serving six years for pleading guilty to some gang charges. Bobby Bitch It’s Bobby Bitch! Got the utter audacity flexing on his […]