Jon Jones Scared? Enough To Block Mayo Over Derrick Lewis Tweets

Derrick Lewis makes Jon Jones really scared.

Evidence showing Jon Jones being dead ass scared of Derrick Lewis has been placed on the plate for anyone who cares. Like Boosie said in 2006, “I think they scared, man I think they scared” “lying on ya records, bitch ya got me heated” “wanna be actors, better stay in the movies” Jon Jones Scared? […]

HTM Undressed 208: Free Mouth Friday In CraigQuarters

HTM Undressed 208

The entire show was hijacked by Craig on HTM Undressed 208. From the second the fella walked in the door it spelled disaster. Turns out, Craig was at Turtle Bay for several hours before catching a LYFT and arriving at SpreadQuarters. Walking in with a Jagermeister grin on his face and a questionable mindset, mayo […]