The Conor McGregor Pull Out Game Is Strong AF Right Now

Conor McGregor Pull Out Game Real Strong

Didn’t think we’d see Conor McGregor pull out from two things in one day, but here we are on Monday evening. Conor has not only pulled out of his upcoming trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier, but was called out prior for not living up to his word to sign over a $500,000 check for Poirier’s […]

RB&R Day 48: Fiorella’s Cafe, Tradition Get’s Silly In Gentilly

RB&R Day 48: Fiorella's Cafe

Mayo doesn’t skip tradition as we head into RB&R Day 48. Also, let it be known every Monday is a dead ass field trip for ya boy. Without a doubt the greatest day of the week. With that being said, time to stop in Gentilly and get straight silly with this tradition. The greatest tradition […]

Paul Blart From Mall Cop Will Play Sean Payton In Upcoming Film

Kevin James Plays Sean Payton

You mean to tell me that Larry Valentine will play Sean Payton in the upcoming film “Home Team” on Netflix? Seems as if this may be the biggest fucking upgrade we’ve ever seen in the history of film-making. Subtle Sean Payton Plot Flex HAHA, wait. This entire film is based on the real life story […]

Jake Paul Versus Ben Askren On Saturday Is Must Watch Shit

Ben Askren Versus Jake Paul

Easily the biggest thing going on this weekend is Jake Paul versus Ben Askren on Saturday night in that wack ass Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Not sold yet? Welp, Snoop Dogg will be hosting the event and a man is a damn lie if he says that Snoop has ever missed on commentary. Still not sold? […]