23 Reasons Why Lonzo Balls On His 23rd Birthday

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Lonzo Ball Turns 23 today and we have 23 reason you should love him.

After this blog nobody should have to ask why Lonzo Balls like he does. Not just in the game of basketball and for the Pelicans, but also in everyday Lonzo life. Ya may already not agree with the tag-team idea of Stan Van Gundy and Lonzo, which is fine.


Dec 29, 2019; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; New Orleans Pelicans guard Lonzo Ball (2) reacts after a three point basket against the Houston Rockets during the second half at the Smoothie King Center. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

What about the big break we got in New Orleans?

Who the fuck is a Lavar Ball in New Orleans these days? When Lonzo left LA, I guess Lavar didn’t come with em. Fantastic.

Fella would prolly get knocked out his socks running his neck at Tastee’s Donuts w/ a borden milk mustache and shit.

The gem of the AD trade.

One of the Pelicans prized rewards from the AD trade, Lonzo has given us plenty of reason to hop on board.

23 Reasons You Should Love This Fucking Guy

1. No more Lavar Ball attachments, can’t find em with a search warrant in New Orleans. Stays in his lane on a facebook show.

2. Both Lonzo & LaMelo have moved on for life from Big Baller Brand. What a case study that brand will be…

3. Just attempting to sell $495 dollar sneakers at one point.


4. This selfie video…

Swag, Lonzo drip…

5. Leaving Los Angeles willingly and humbly.

6. Departing from Lebron and his parenthood.

7. Still shooting threes. (career high 37.5% last year)

8. He’s dead ass only 23 years old.

9. Ball in the Family (still running)

10. He’s boys with Lil Dicky

Lonzo & Lil Dicky Ball

11. This fucking Lonzo hotbox freestyle!


12. And this epic music video…sheesh.

“Melo pulled up in the Lamb…”

13. Man balled at UCLA, BALLED.

Never Forget.

14. Throws the cleanest alley to Zion.

Zion/Lonzo 2020-2021

15. Lonzo & Denise

16. Handles the press WELL, like the media.

17. Handles the rock extraordinarily fucking awesome.

18. Vine Legend, bow down.

Yes Lawd!

19. He’d be a PROBLEM at Quarterback. Accurate and doesn’t miss dimes.

20. Shares a birthday with Kelly Osbourne.

21. Went from 71-79 on 3pt rating in NBA 2K21, GROWTH.

22. California Mr. Basketball (2016)

23. 2 albums, 3 singles

The man of many reasons ya should care about. Just gave ya 23 reasons Lonzo Balls like all fuck.

If ya AC/Heater isn’t balling like Lonzo?

Northshore & Southshore

Call my fellas at Expert Air for an assist.


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