30 Days Of Mayo Halloween: The Crystal Lake Killer

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Jason Voorhees from Camp Cook

The second of 30 Halloween lunatics is none other than The Crystal Lake Killer, Jason Voorhees. Fridays were never the same once this complete psychopath arrived on screen in 1980. The unquestioned king of an unfortunate as fuck Friday the 13th. If ya had a bad one, blame the fella with the Detroit Red Wings looking mask on holding a machete.

That’s Jason, and he fucking shreds.

Book it.

Imagine Jason drowning at a kids camp.

Ya Mom kills the counselors who let ya.

Mom’s head gets chopped off by a chick named Annie.

& btw, Jason didn’t drown after all.

He was just in a cabin.

I missed yesterday, but back with a fucking bang.
I’ll just do two in one day to make up for it.
Check out this sick fuck in grimy water.

Crystal Lake Romance

Friday the 13th (1980)
Crystal Lake

These poor two tried to sneak off to do the ole okie doke and grab a rope. Not on a serial killers watch, not ever in any superb scary flick is that type of ass grabbing allowed. The Crystal Lake Killer will have none of it. Love hurts.

That’s why people will remember Jason’s horrifying as fuck presentation and deem that Friday the 13th date significant forever. Cheesy horror, done right during its time and evolved over the years.

  • Comics
  • 12 films ($529 million grossed at box-office)
  • 10 Friday the 13th films
  • Merchandise sales

30 Days of Mayo Halloween

The countdown continues tomorrow on the Lord’s Day. If you’d like to submit a total creep to mayo that may make the countdown, please do so by emailing devinsnow@htmsports.com.

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