5 Reasons Why Madison And Peter Would Never Work Outside Of The Bachelor

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In case you are living under a rock, during part one of the two-part finale of The Bachelor, Madison left Peter in Australia during her final date. She claims that she knew it would never work with Peter. She knows their emotions, needs, and wants are on two totally different pages. And the chances of them becoming in sync with one another are downright impossible. So, I made a REAL list of reasons as to why these two stand no chance!

Drum Roll, Please

Five-She gave Peter an ultimatum. Going into fantasy suite week, she told him sex was not an option and that she didn’t want her future husband banging some other chick days before he proposed to her. She should have rejected the rose Peter gave her when she realized they were not compatible in that airport hangar.

Four-She broke Peter’s heart claiming she was doing him a favor by letting him having Hannah Ann. The girl was just looking for a lead in the next season of The Bachelorette with that exit.

Bye Madison, Bye bye bad mascara!

Three-Madison’s family would never accept Peter for his choices that have been aired on the show since they met him. (And before they met him, for that matter!).  Speaking of his choices, Madison has yet to come to terms with them, no way they could build a healthy foundation on his actions.

Two-He slept with Hannah Brown in a windmill. Numerous times. And became an icon for it. SUCH AN ICON HE BECAME THE BACHELOR OVER TYLER. Madison knows she cannot compete with that, especially with those awful eyelashes.




Tomorrow Night, Bad Eye Lashes Return

And there ya have it. The Top Five Reasons why Madison and Peter would never work in real life. Team Hannah Ann all the way. After all, the girl did get the first impression rose on night one!

Now, I know Chris Harrison teased us at the end of the episode and said we had not seen the last of Madison…..surely setting the stage up for a pre-finale reunion. Not necessarily a pre-proposal reunion. And sure, Peter may ditch Hannah Ann and run after Madison tomorrow, but I stand by what I said. These two would crumble faster than Jake Pavelka and Vienna from The Bachelor season 14 once producers released them into the wild.

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