A Few Friendly Ghosts On The New Orleans Saints This Year

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A Few Ghosts On The New Orleans Saints This Year

It has been one emotional journey thus far watching the New Orleans Saints play football this year. Fans knew it would be different, but what we have here is a full blown riddle that needs explaining. Historically, The Saints have always had players that just don’t show up as expected initially. It becomes a conversation piece anytime we are down in the depression of being mediocre or playing questionable football.


A Few Ghosts On The New Orleans Saints This Year

It’s October and no better time to play ghost on or off the football field to keep the Halloween niche alive. Ya may have caught ya self saying one of these guys was set to have a fucking phenomenal season.

Welp, can’t find the following with a search warrant.

Tre’Quan Smith

Who really fucking knows if we will ever see Tre’Quan play again. I said it a couple weeks ago, this could be the biggest roster mystery in recent Saints history. This dude is a couple games away from the Saints needing to consider filing a missing person report.

No games played this year, he’s on injured reserve again and the dude is only 25 years old. That’s the thing, he’s still young. But, that may not matter in this case. Age don’t save the day every single time. Tre’Quan has 1109 yards in three prior seasons with 14 total touchdowns. Never played a full season and never caught more than 34 balls with the Saints. Our leading receiver is Deonte Harris…

Bradley Roby

Last night I watched Richard Sherman all over the fucking field and he just got signed like a few days prior. Bradley Roby has been with us since a few days before the season started and I can’t even tell ya for sure if I’ve seen him on the field. Obviously he has been slightly, but….

18 coverage snaps, week four?

This is a SOLID talent that has proven to be a playmaker at corner. Why am I watching a rookie get cooked for 60 minutes if we traded for Bradley Roby? Make it make sense.

Adam Trautman

This fucking guy is on his way to becoming the 2021 Ernie Conwell for the Saints. In fact, Ernie was better.

Trautman has amassed a grand total of 18 yards receiving this year on three catches, no tuddies.

One of the most hyped up Saints before the season started looks to be a complete tragedy on the field as Juwan Johnson has made way more plays. Jameis has no confidence in this dude and he can’t get out his own way.

HTM Undressed 255

Marcus Davenport

I know it’s obvious why he isn’t on the field after suffering another injury, but also only right that we acknowledge that Marcus Davenport is again missing out of the lineup in October for the Saints. It’s a tradition.

Speaking of tradition, today is RB&R Day 73.

The greatest tradition in the world. Even though we were losers yesterday, we some winners today with tradition.

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