Aaron Carter Hitting Pads And Doing Plyometrics Is Mad Weird

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We spoke a couple months ago on this website about Aaron Carter hitting the boxing ring with Lamar Odom. Welp, lock it in for June folks. That essentially means, yes…there should be wagers available on either one of the ole past-timers. As of now? Mayo has to go Aaron Carter.

It seems as if Aaron has completely bought in to his camp leading up.

Looks like a junior high summer workout.

Obviously, Aaron’s trainers aren’t fucking stupid. This guy has to have little to no balance in those bird legs. Getting that together first is essential. Lemme just say this, the visual of Aaron Carter doing plyometrics is:

  • Something I never thought I’d witness.
  • Funny as all fuck, I’m joked out.

It’s like this kid is 15 all over again.

mirror shots holding his crotch.
Nice 2003 flex Aaron.

Proper Diet

Spoiling his babies

So, there is the woman involved. Can’t let her down and get KO’d by Khloe’s ex-husband.


It can only make one wonder what the fuck Lamar Odom is doing over in his camp? Seems a whole lotta nothing is going on over there. Example one of nothing going on:

Like, what the fuck is this dude posting?

Read the room Lamar. No seriously, read the fucking room and the web Lamar. My guy just got on Cameo YESTERDAY! And said….

“I’m ya Mom’s favorite player” in the caption. Example two of not a whole lot going on right now for Lamar Odom.

I’m fucking done with this dude.


Aaron in the gym putting that work in while Lamar tries and snags a few bucks from some ruby red boxer brief shots to ya mother on a Sunday night.

Carter learning how to fight after not knowing how to fight for 40 years.

I’m just torn on this fight, it’s a travesty.

What we do know

By no means can Lamar get knocked out by Aaron Carter. He’ll go from getting party invites from Steve Harvey to getting party invites from Clay Aiken.

Again, a must win for Lamar.

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