AB Connects With A Fight Night Like Haymaker To The Head Of Titans CB

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Something about an AB haymaker just gets me going my fellow common folks. Since I started writing in 2019, AB has been my favorite fella to blog about hands down. No shortage of content today as Antonio Brown got into it with Titans CB Chris Jackson during a one on one drill. When I say got into it, I mean it looks as if AB went Roy Jones Jr on Chris…

that left had some led on it.

That’s a day changing fucking left to the jaw, Gawd have mercy. Shoulda tested Scotty Miller on some shit like that, not Antonio. He’s got years and years of fucked up social media rage in his head and to think that he ain’t ready to take it out on his opposition in a practice is beyond me.

prime form

This is simple AB boomin’ right here. Don’t do it during the season, but if someone tries em on some dumb shit during the summer let em have one to the face. Ya can officially say football is here now.

Saints GM
Mickey Loomis
Schedule Prediction

AB Movin’

Moving far past his old ways despite this minor scuffle in practice. Which, can’t wait to see AB hit the celebrity boxing market once his career is finished in the NFL. I gotta feeling that he gonna ruin some nights.

That’s if he can stay this sane AB.

That old AB won’t last in public.

The transformation since then is near remarkable in a way when ya consider how much that dude was showing his ass on social media.

AB pissing on IG live in January 2020

People said he’d never play again.

COVID-19 happening was like the best thing that ever happened for AB because he had to stay inside and not interact with folks. Prolly caught himself back up mentally and the talent has always been there.

He looks in form.

Anyways, Saints gonna smash.

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