All Lies, No Pies In New Orleans As We Wait For Hubig’s To Return

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In March of 2021, NOLA.COM published an article that was quoting the owner of Hubig’s Pies (Andrew Ramsey) saying they’d be back on shelves in “a matter of months.” It’s almost like we need to launch a whole investigation into this shit because something is unsettling. Is everyone okay involved? How do we go from the things said in March of 2021 to this space of uncertainty in 2022.


Also, fuck them imposter pies. I won’t do it.

Things Said In 2021

  • “we are in the final stretch”
  • “work has been progressing at the new production facility and home base for Hubig’s.”
  • “The company has brought back some of its former employees.”

Everything seemed so in motion. I even wrote a piece a year ago ranking the pies out of excitement for the near future.

  1. Apple
  2. Lemon
  3. Chocolate
  4. Peach
  5. Pineapple

Nothing near about this future though. At one point Hubig’s was pushing out thousands and thousands of pies a day and they’ve pushed out zero since the unfortunate fire back in July of 2012.

This man gotta be FED UP in 2022

It’s been a year and two months since we last heard anything optimistic on the pies and it was all lies. Locals still can’t find a fucking pie with a search warrant. So, what is actually going on with this shit? It’s hard to be happy with letting such a nostalgic and essential piece of New Orleans slip away from the people. We’ve never needed a pie so badly.

Community Poll

With all this pie talk on the table, I launched a heartfelt poll on what folks wanted back in New Orleans.

No surprise, everybody picked the pies. Pie patience at an all-time low right now. Blockbuster finished in 2nd place, which says a lot about what people think about streaming apps right now down here. Jazzland came in 3rd and that is rather disrespectful to be honest. BUT, not as disrespectful as 10-K coming in 4th place. Not enough folks had the opportunity to sweat their souls out and then drink an ice cold cup of 10-K in the sun.

Regardless, the people are speaking. Even Just For Feet has a place in this conversation.

Let’s just start with the pies.


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