All Social Media Signs Point To Drew Brees In Recovery Mode

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Drew Brees Recovery Mode

Jokes on the emotional ones as Drew Brees seems to be hinting at a recovery of some sort. Since most folks are convinced that nine has thrown his last football, I’d like to bring in the local off-season Messiah for a word…that being slick Mick Loomis. No word is valid until he says so.

Drew Recovery

Latest tweet from Drew Brees indicates a partnership with some fellas at Copper Compression. Fresh outta New York and coming in hot as some balls in compression shorts with 88 followers.

Bio: “This is a Drew Brees fan account.”

So, what in the blue fuck does this mean?

Drew Brees must be all in on recovering for the commentary booth that we haven’t heard a fucking lick about in a year. This is what I’d tell ya…

Drew In The Kitchen

More signs of protecting and nurturing the G.O.A.T.

Banana Passion looking out for the metabolism.

What says I’m coming the fuck back more than this Banana Passion smoothie? Nothing at all as Drew sits on land in peace clearly thinking about if he will return. One thing I do know, If we could get a fucking piece of clarity on maybe 40,000 fans in the dome by next year, that would sure as hell help Drew’s decision. Either way, drinking a smoothie while enjoying the morning sun tells me Brees has found himself in a game of thought.

Hasn’t thrown himself away and it’s still all about protein. The bacon to egg ratio is incredible as Craig Robertson says in his comments. But, this again is a man in thought.

Maybe so in thought that he’s over thought his breakfast.

Waiting On Drew

Nothing has changed here, ask the Messiah.

Hang tight and wait on an answer from a local legend. Something I have no problem sitting through right now. Just remember that the mainstream media really did tell ya that Drew said “THIS IS YOUR TEAM NOW” to Jameis Winston. We know that didn’t happen and here is the proof.

Grab a fucking generator from the mayo generator gang before hurricane season comes along and ya sitting with a cold, wet ass in the dark. Not tight.


Ask for Uncle T and tell em ya hold mayo.

Craig’s Electrical & Generator Service


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