And The HTM Local Award Goes To….

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HTM 200 Local Award Winners

Fantastic night in SpreadQuarters as several common folks left with an HTM Local Award and well deserved. Every 100 episodes HTM celebrates the century mark for HTM Undressed by handing out awards to the ones who are involved and are nothing short of entertaining. Even our own sing the national anthem. Why in the hell would I pay somebody, or kiss somebody’s ass to do it if Craig DANGER Granger can put forth a breathtaking performance?

HTM 200 National Anthem
by Craig Granger

After all, this is a one of a kind fucking show and there is not one show that feels like it. Involving the community by leaving an open phone line for an hour four nights a week with no screen. Just let the folks talk, the haters, and the weirdos. With 200 episodes down the jar, these fellas are only starting to get more involved in the mix.

HTM 200
Moving on to HTM 300

The Award Winners

The following take home a legacy.

Miss HTM

Sara Steiner
Indiana/Westbank Rep

HTM 200

Seal Of Honor

Chuck From Kansas

HTM 200
Seal of Honor

Jar of Joy Award

Daniel Merry
ALT 92.3 FM Radio Spirit

HTM 200
Jar of Joy Award Winner

Drunkest Caller

Will Fulham
From Ivars
Wide Open Wednesday

HTM Comeback Award

Tootie Griffin
New Orleans East

FMF Century Performer

The Reaper
Kenner’s Last Hope
5x FMF Champion

HTM 200
FMF Performer of Century

Majority Asshole

Colby Deffes
Chalmette, La
Barstool Junkie

HTM 200
Majority Asshole

Jar Attendance

Devin Steib (2x)
Todd Doucet (Westbank)

Todd really did say that shit and plenty other incredibly creative shit about what Craig snorts.
HTM 200
Jar Attendance Award

Undercover Holder

Don’t Know Where

HTM 200
Undercover Holder Award

Live Fast, Hold Fast

The Joe Show
Hammond, La

HTM 200
Live Fast, Hold Fast Award

That Blog Was Tight

Jack & Jill Go Up One Fucked Up Hill
(click here for full jack and jill blog)

only minutes after it was written.

Most Valuable Holder

Craig Granger
Lafayette, LA
Back-to-Back MVH

HTM 200
Most Valuable Holder

One fucking night to remember in SpreadQuarters.

HTM Undressed 200

HTM Undressed is back for HTM 201 tomorrow night live on facebook as per routine. Co-Host Wesley Presssley will be back in the jar.

No better time, tomorrow, like Friday! Go ahead and stop at BIG CHIEF in the parish. Mention “Hold The Mayo” and obtain these mayo deals. Ronnie will be over there just tell em ya watch HTM. From there, enjoy the vibes.

Big Chief Vapor



click link to just listen


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