Antonio Brown Boomin In Nola?

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Antonio brown scores on Marshawn Lattimore

We all woke up this morning having to do a double take real quick on a casual tweet from Adam Schefter. Saints fan? Well, more like 84 double takes at your twitter screen. Antonio Brown is in New Orleans. It can’t possibly be? Sean would never make this move. Well, good morning.

Time to put some respect on the Payton’s name. Sean could give a rats ass about Antonio Brown’s white girl movement. Does he think its all way extra? No doubt about it. Would he like to take Antonio’s phone and throw it in the Mississippi River? I’m sure he does. What about the mental issues? Guys its Sean Payton. Are we really questioning intelligence? If so, please just let it go and take a look at the big picture for a split second.

No Harm, No Foul…

Antonio last played the Saints in December of 2018. I remember the game like yesterday. I actually had a buddy come in town, who was huge fucking Steelers fan. AB toasted the Saints that game. He was literally the only reason the Steelers were in that football game. Brown finished with 14 receptions, 185 yards, and two touchdowns. That would be the last game he played in the black and yellow. He went full Antonio that game, full AB.

After that, the rest is TMZ history. Too many fucking AB debacles to even discuss in this “AB Does New Orleans” blog.

If We Put The Drama Aside…

Putting all chaos aside, AB still has scored a touchdown this season. Not just a regular touchdown either, he caught himself a Tom Brady touchdown. Fresh out the snuggie and slippers, Antonio went and toasted corners for one week. AB can play football at the highest level. The Saints currently have a receiver on his way to catching 150 plus passes in one season. The name is Mike Thomas if you been living under a fucking float. This is where the Saints see an all to familiar problem. One trick pony poison? They see it.

The Proof Is In The Past…

The Saints have had some phenomenal, memorable seasons the last three years. Win streaks out the ass, records getting shattered, and the youth overhaul has been tremendous. However, the one knock on the Saints is the end of year predictability. Brees to Kamara, Brees to Thomas, and then we run into a team that has the potion. It simply can’t happen again. Mike Thomas has caught 145 balls on 176 targets. The closest RECEIVER to that absurd amount of catches would be Ted Ginn Jr. at 29 receptions.

Sean Payton is looking at what has held the Saints back from achieving the ultimate goal. Those reception gaps between receivers becomes very significant come playoff time. Obviously, its not the only avenue that we need to clear up in the postseason. If this Antonio Brown movement goes through in New Orleans, it is because of the tremendous upside to the deal. Saints would get a guy that would demand attention on the field. Something we haven’t heard much of when it comes to Antonio this season. He demands your respect as a football player on the field. He would also become the first receiver in NFL history to catch a touchdown from Drew Brees and Tom Brady in the same season. That is a weird flex, but strong as garlic. Antonio Brown may be on his way back to BOOMIN! Hold it.

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