Antonio Brown Is Retiring…Again

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Earlier today, Antonio Brown dropped a bomb shell on everyone. He announced that he is retiring for the 50th time. We all are familiar with this saga by now. Antonio Brown is retiring…again.

Antonio Brown Saga Highlights

It was around a year and a half ago when Antonio Brown started to show the affects of CTE. The man demanded a trade from the Steelers. There are mixed reports as to why he wanted to leave the Steelers. I think the consensus is that he was tired of playing with Big Ben. After initially being traded to the Bills(Brown refused), business started boomin’ in Oakland.

After arriving in Oakland, Brown did his best Frozone impersonation and gave himself frost-bite. He then argued with the NFL about helmets, and retired. Brown then came out of retirement and demanded to be released from Oakland. AB then decided that he wanted to play with Tom Brady and moved in with in him New England.

After just one game with the Patriots, Bill Belichick decided that was enough drama for him and cut Brown. This led to Brown retiring again and calling out the league. To his surprise, no team had interest in him after he apologized and said that he wanted to get back to football. Fast forward through some baby mama drama, and Brown had earned himself a few workouts. His most notable workout was with the Saints towards the end of last season.

The Saints had one request from Brown for this workout and it was to not bring a film crew and make a big deal out of it. Brown brought a film crew and made a big deal out of it. As we all know, the Saints did not sign Brown nor did any other team.

Fast Forward To Today

It seemed like Brown had finally gotten his situation under control. From what we saw on social media, he was working out and staying ready for his next chance. Brown officially put the fork in his career earlier today as he called it quits for a third time.

Twitter Eats

Twitter is having a field day with this situation as per usual. Here are some of my favorite tweets from AB retiring part 3.

I give it three days for the attention to run out and for Brown to say he loves football and wants to play. Hold it.

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