Anybody Looking For More Football?

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Anybody looking for more football?

We all could use more football, right? If you were born before 1995 then you probably remember the XFL in 2001. Vince McMahon took Attitude Era wrestling and tried to turn it into a one of a kind football league. Well, it was tragic folks! It was so damn awful that networks pulled their TV deals before the full season concluded. As a result, there wasn’t a second season. One and done, one-night stand, tap it quick and move on to better things right? Yeah, but…

One More Time! One More Time!

The XFL is BACK! Comeback season kicks off in less than 2 months. What we do know is that this time around will be quite different than 2001. There will be an actual coin toss, rather than the gladiator run to midfield. Also, The Rock has not been confirmed to cut promos at the 50 yard line. You hate to not see that, unfortunate news there. Who remembers?

Eight Team League

The XFL will be divided up into two divisions. The East will be made up of the DC Defenders, New York Guardians, St. Louis Battle Hawks, and the Tampa Bay Vipers. The West will feature the Dallas Renegades, Houston Roughnecks, Los Angeles Wildcats, and the Seattle Dragons. The season will be 10 weeks long with no bye week. All teams will play each other once, while playing divisional opponents twice. The Playoffs will feature two teams from each division facing off in a semifinal. So who we got?

The Talent Showing Up…

In 2001, the XFL featured a lot of guys who never played a down in the NFL. This time you will see a lot of familiar names among both the players and coaches. Some names that stand out in the rosters are 2013 Heisman finalist Andre Williams, 2015 National Champion Cardale Jones, and former Carolina Panther DE Kony Ealy who had a historic performance in Super Bowl 50. The biggest notable name in the league has to be the Dallas Renegades coach, Bob Stoops. The former Oklahoma coach led his team to 10 Big 12 Championships and a National title. He is also the only coach of the BCS era to win the Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Sugar Bowl, and Rose Bowl. Bobby Stoops is back…

Nationally Televised Games

Unlike the AAF, the XFL has signed multiple TV deals with ESPN, ABC, and Fox to broadcast all the games. The AAF had limited televised games and had to rely on streaming to watch the games. I’m not trying to bring my laptop to the bar and get wing sauce all over the keyboard. I’m good on that.

The XFL seems to be doing all of the right things, but will it last? They got the right people, the right cities, and the right product. Everyone knows America loves their football, but do they want it for 9 months straight? Do we drink and swear enough on the Lord’s Day that we need the entire Spring to repent? So many questions about this league, but HTM is here to see where it goes. This is Domi departing, hold it.

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