Bam Margera Has Not Aged Well Through The Pandemic

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Bam Margera aged rather poorly through the pandemic.

Bam Margera aged rather poorly throughout the last few years and this pandemic couldn’t have helped. Last time I saw Bam Margera was actually on this beautiful podcast that Steve-O has astonishingly created.

This was back in June of last year.

Steve-O’s Wild Ride Podcast

Very nice watch, I guess.

Bam gives ya not much, but when he does talk he says things like:

  • He was making more than Tony Hawk through Element at one point after making it on Jackass as a skater prior.
  • His favorite Viva La Bam episode was the Civil War with over 200 soldiers fighting outside his house.
  • Confirms Chris Pontius having the biggest dick of all Jackass members, which I thought was pretty cool.

Even then I said Bam looked like shit, but I didn’t really think much of it as I hadn’t been seeking much Bam Margera content. This was nice to watch and let’s get to Steve-O real quick. I got something to say.


It’s like fucking nuclear physics how Steve-O has such a phenomenal memory after fuck facing his brain for so long. Seriously, I just wanted to mention that and move forward.

Back to Bam…

this is Bam Margera…

Videos surfaced about a week ago showing Bam Margera bitching on camera about what sounded like him getting kicked off the ‘Jackass 4’ project due to substance abuse.

The First Rant

Welp, today it was confirmed and folks it ain’t looking to good for the former pro skater and Viva La Bam creator.

The Day After The Rant.

Seems as if Bam is going through a very tough time. So tough that he asking for anyone to send a dollar to his Venmo. Now, that is fucking incredible. That is the pure definition of a tragedy. Prayers for Bam as he will now see a bi-polar specialist and work on hopefully doing something tight again.

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