The Top 5 Voices In Sports

While watching a certain sporting event on TV today, I was reminded of of how much I missed listening to great sportscasters. Knowing myself, I decided to make a list and decide who were the best sportscasters in the game today. I don’t want to give away what I was watching, because that certain someone […]

Weekend Hangover – Vol 1

The work week is just starting off, but for most of us the Weekend Hangover lingers on. There is reason for some excitement though. Sports are back baby! Well, for a majority of the fans at least. You’ve got baseball season in full swing (Except apparently if you’re the Marlins who are living in a […]

Morning From SpreadQuarters: Two Shitty Things From Saturday

Morning From SpreadQuarters: The Lord's Day

Currently chumming in SpreadQuarters thinking about the two shitty things that happen yesterday. Go ahead and exhale the toxicity of what happened yesterday for the beloved flock. Got flocked… While doing so, I’ll exhale the tragic view of waking up and seeing only one blog published for HTM yesterday. Can’t make up my fucking mind […]

Fail Friday – What the Flock?

Another Friday and another Fail for the Pelicans has most Holders asking “What the Flock is going on here?!?!” After 4 long, looooooonnng months we finally had meaningful professional basketball being played inside the NBA “Bubble.” Everyone on social media was so excitebike to see the return of Crescent City Basketball and the suspense of […]

Morning From SpreadQuarters: Flock Feels

SpreadQuarters Flock Feels

The flock feels in SpreadQuarters this morning are gladiator like and tremendous. After the Pelicans completely pissed the bed in the 4th last night, most whom were flocked started to cry for mercy and answers. Couldn’t tell us we weren’t gonna win that game. Not once that 4th hit. Zion? Fans couldn’t obtain him with […]

Freestyle Friday: Athletes Edition

So you think you can rap? Athletes want to be rappers and rappers want to be athletes. Its an old adage we’ve all heard before. With it being Freestyle Friday, it’s time to take a look at some athletes who can drop the most heat in the booth. We’ve seen mic skills from Deion Sanders, […]

Hennything Is Possible! JR Smith Is Back

Ladies and gentlemen, hennything is possible. The Lakers are on a quest to win an NBA championship in Orlando. The love buddies, LeBron and AD, were looking for some more complimentary pieces. They just added a familiar face. JR Smith is back! JR Smith Replaces Avery Bradley Avery Bradley recently decided to opt out of […]

One Year Ago, The Pelicans Fleeced LA

Just about a year ago, the Pelicans and Lakers agreed on a long anticipated trade. Anthony Davis had been refusing to play for the Pelicans for months. To make it worse, Davis was hell bent on meeting up with his love buddy, LeBron James, which limited the Pelicans’ options. One year later, I am going […]

Zion Williamson Is Drippin In NBA 2K21

The NBA 2K21 cover athlete has been released. Is it any real surprise who was selected? Zion Williamson has been officially selected as the cover athlete for this years edition of NBA 2K. However, I don’t know if the developers have a sweat fetish, but that boy is drippin. I’m going to be honest with […]

Michael Jordan Is Donating $100,000,000 To Racial Equality Fight

Michael Jordan Is Donating some grip.

Move over Kanye West, as we have just learned that Michael Jordan is donating an unforgettable GRIP towards the social justice war in America. The most legend move by MJ, and one that will be regarded as one of his purest acts of humanity. Money is one thing, and I understand that shit. But, $100,000,000 […]