March Madness Mayo Spreads Begins Today

March Madness Mayo Spreads

Hope ya belly ain’t full as mayo is back from the kitchen serving March Madness spreads galore for the common folks. I’d like to start with a four course selection from the heart. From there I’ll continue to bring out the plates as I select. Can’t promise you assholes that I know it all, but […]

Quavo & Jack Harlow Put The Hurt On Lil Baby & 2 Chainz

Quavo & Jack Harlow Go OFF!

Don’t let the news of Quavo and Jack Harlow going OFF on Lil Baby and 2 Chainz last night on the court go missing. Imagine being this big of a fucking scrub in basketball while the hold world is watching! Lil Baby may be the biggest tragedy of 2021 after this lack-luster performance. Called out […]

Mayo Spreads: The Last Serving Of Love In February

Mayo Spreads The Last Serving

Let’s depart February showing it the most mayo love as possible with these see ya later spreads on The Lord’s Day. If ya been living under an ocean, Mayo Spreads has went 8/9 in UFC servings the last two weekends after showing my whole ass last night going 4/4 in triumph. (click here for that) […]

Kobe Bryant Will Forever Be Remembered, Not Replicated

Kobe Bryant Remembered A Year After His Death

Nothing will bring a tear to ya eye more than Kobe Bryant’s final game in 2016 and for many reasons. Growing up I had a couple buddies who liked Kobe as a player, but one of my best friends Tommy, and myself were his advocates. Loved talking bout Kobe and defending Kobe Bryant’s greatness. Lebron, […]

Mayo Christmas Spreads For The Hungry Wager Folks

Mayo Spreads Christmas

Good morning and I surely hope Santa didn’t leave ya any rocks in ya stockings last night. Merry Christmas from the greatest city in the world. I’ve been preparing some Christmas spreads for the common folks. Mayo didn’t bring ya shit other than what I’m about to deliver right now. Also, go ahead and check […]

23 Reasons Why Lonzo Balls On His 23rd Birthday

Lonzo Ball Turns 23 today and we have 23 reason you should love him.

After this blog nobody should have to ask why Lonzo Balls like he does. Not just in the game of basketball and for the Pelicans, but also in everyday Lonzo life. Ya may already not agree with the tag-team idea of Stan Van Gundy and Lonzo, which is fine. But… What about the big break […]

Grub Spots You Will Likely Find Stan Van Gundy At In New Orleans

Stan Van Gumbo

Just the thought of Stan Van Gundy in New Orleans intrigues me beyond belief. This fella just committed to four years with the birds. One can only fucking wonder what Stan has on his mind for when he gets to New Orleans. California born kid who went north to get tough after playing a little […]

The Top 5 Voices In Sports

While watching a certain sporting event on TV today, I was reminded of of how much I missed listening to great sportscasters. Knowing myself, I decided to make a list and decide who were the best sportscasters in the game today. I don’t want to give away what I was watching, because that certain someone […]

Weekend Hangover – Vol 1

The work week is just starting off, but for most of us the Weekend Hangover lingers on. There is reason for some excitement though. Sports are back baby! Well, for a majority of the fans at least. You’ve got baseball season in full swing (Except apparently if you’re the Marlins who are living in a […]

Morning From SpreadQuarters: Two Shitty Things From Saturday

Morning From SpreadQuarters: The Lord's Day

Currently chumming in SpreadQuarters thinking about the two shitty things that happen yesterday. Go ahead and exhale the toxicity of what happened yesterday for the beloved flock. Got flocked… While doing so, I’ll exhale the tragic view of waking up and seeing only one blog published for HTM yesterday. Can’t make up my fucking mind […]