Behind The Beans: Red Bean Rankings After 28 Mondays

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Behind The Beans on RB&R Day

Tradition has never looked better behind the beans the last few weeks. With no exceptions mentioned, the greatest tradition in the world is thriving in so many ways.

By the way,

Before we get to 28, what about the 27th spot?

I been busy as fuck, bro.

Last week’s location: Guy’s Po-Boys
The 27th RB&R Day spot.

Two wins in a row on The Lord’s Day and then the very next day on RB&R Day. Let’s live folks.

The Lord’s Day
November 22, 2020

Don’t talk to me about a better vibe as I woke up on Monday feeling like a zillion bucks.

Hobnobber’s makes the RB&R list as #28

Behind The Beans

Lemme just say this about Hobnobbers.

  • Great value, $10.52 for some GRUB.
  • Stellar portions.
  • PHENOMENAL Flavor!
    • Bruh, they got like ham and chicken in their beans I was blown away by the flavor w/o salt added.
  • The potato salad…I still can’t decide. But, ya talking to a fella who isn’t big on mayo. I’m sure 99 percent of folks would love that potato salad.
  • Smoked sausage was their worst thing, but still tasty.
Hobnobber’s Variety Bar

Looks like things went smooth…

See that is the thing. It never goes smooth. Take a glimpse behind the beans to see what this shit is really like on Mondays for Hold The Mayo.

Looking behind the beans…

Red Bean Rankings

After 28 locations we now just have two more to go until I release the Highly Touted Top 20 pots. Hobnobbers makes a serious push right here.

  1. Liuzza’s By The Track
  2. Willie Mae’s Scotch House
  3. Cooter Brown’s Tavern (mayo loves)
  4. Hobnobber’s Variety Bar
  5. Juniors On Harrison
  6. Melba’s
  7. Frady’s One Stop
  8. Broad & Banks Street Seafood
  9. Cafe 615 “Wabbit’s House”
  10. Lakeview Brew

Honorable pots on the outside of the top 10:

  • Sammy’s Food Service
  • Guy’s Po-Boys


Crafted by Hold The Mayo

As always practice ya traditions and make sure ya fucking roof is in tact. Don’t wait on that. Call All Around Roofing today and they gonna head over to ya house and start doing phenomenal things to ya houses head. I’ll vouch for that, book it.

All Around Roofing

Can’t eat beans without the roof over ya head.


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