Best Hairstyles In Sports

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In honor of the Last Dance episodes airing tonight and showcasing Dennis Rodman. I thought I’d come up with a top 10 of best hairstyles in the history of sports.

#10. Tim Tebow

Friar Tim. The only reason this isn’t higher on the list is because it was just a hazing haircut during his rookie year. It does kind of fit though. Most holy man in sports with the most holy haircut.

#9. Iman Shumpert

King of the flat top. Iman could’ve gave Gerald from “Hey Arnold!” a run for his money.

#8. Neymar

Young Neymar with the rat tails. Neymar’s had a lot of unique styles over the years, but this is definitely my favorite.

#7. Metta World Piece (Ron Artest)

Like Jordan was to Kobe… Rodman was to Artest.

#6. Odell Beckham Jr.

While he might’ve not been the first do it, I definitely think OBJ made the blonde top famous. You can’t go to a little league/high school game now-a-days without seeing the infamous hairstyle somewhere.

#5. Randy Johnson

Those beautiful locks… you can’t talk about 90’s baseball without mentioning those dirty blonde curls.

#4. Chris “Birdman” Anderson

A good mohawk is classic and nobody rocked it better than Birdman. Along with the tattoos, Anderson was one of the most colorful guys in the league. Literally.

#3. Brian Bosworth

If only The Boz’s pro career matched his hairstyle… he’d be sitting in Canton right about now.

#2. Troy Polamalu

Literally insured for $1,000,000 by Head & Shoulders. That flow is iconic and rightfully so. Polamalu changed the game on the field and in the barbershop.

#1. Dennis Rodman

2 GOATS shared the court in the 90’s. Michael is probably the greatest in the history of the sport, but there is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT 100% STRAIGHT FACTS THAT DENNIS RODMAN IS THE BEST TO EVER DO IT WHEN IT COMES TO HAIRSTYLES. I could’ve literally just done a top 10 on his styles alone (jaguar print would’ve won). A true trailblazer… forever the best hairstyles in sports history.

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