Trainwreck’s Biggest NFL Headlines: Week Four

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We’re back again with your mother’s favorite weekly blog. It is Trainwreck’s Biggest NFL Headlines: Week Four. Honestly, a little boring week compared to the first three, but nonetheless, I will enjoy whatever the NFL has to offer. Covid-Mania hit the NFL this week as the Titans-Steelers game was postponed. The Chiefs-Patriots game was pushed to Monday night. Also, the Saints-Lions game almost didn’t happen due to a false-positive test. Once again, fuck Covid. But at least only one game was canceled and not all of them. Although this was a slower week compared to most, I still have a helluva lot to talk about on this weeks biggest headlines. Let’s dive in, shall we?

#5: Joey B gets his first NFL win

Bengals: 33

Jaguars: 25

It happened, it finally freaking happened. Joe Burrow got his first NFL win. Not a tie, not a loss, a fucking W. Burrow tossed for 300 yards and a TD. Needs a few more TDs per game, but Burrow getting his first professional win give Bengals fans a sense of hope for the future. It does not get easier as the Bengals play the Ravens next week, but as Joel Embiid would say, “TRUST THE PROCESS”. Also, Burrow and the Bengals are 4-0 against the spread this season. Bettors must love that.

Football fucking guy. This is why Burrow is the GOAT. This mentality from a QB is what every team prays for.

Jacksonville Woes

After starting off the season with an underdog victory against a very good Colts team, the Jaguars have yet to do jack shit. I am a huge Gardner Minshew fan, but the man is not doing enough to get the job done. It’s not like their defense is making it easier for them. From playing in the AFC Championship game a few years back to virtually eliminating every single player from that roster. It must be tough being a Jaguars fan. Can never seem to get it together. Their team is a laughing stock. I bet it will be a tight race between the Jags and the Jets for the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes.

I would also be in pain if this clown was my teams owner. Good grief.

#4: Dallas Cowgirls are at it again!

Browns: 49

Cowboys: 38

My second favorite weekly segment: The Cowgirls are embarrassed yet again. 5 and a half point favorites, AT HOME, against the BROWNS; yet Baker Mayfield, OBJ, and Kareem Hunt absolutely trashed the Cowboys. Dallas now sits at 1-3. Fortunately for them, they are in hands down the worst division in football. Hell, the Eagles are only a half game up on them right now. No team in that trash ass division has an above .500 record. I’m sure the Cowboys will end up winning the division just to get bounced in the first round again, however, it makes me so happy seeing the meltdowns from these so called “life long” Cowboys fans.

Also, Mike McCarthy is a garbage coach. Jerry Jones hired him because he is a yes man. Jerry has no interest in hiring a person who has a progressive vision and would challenge Jerry’s ideas. There will be no Super Bowl with Jerry at the helms.

Browns Mania?

Who would of saw this coming? The Browns are 3-1 for the first time since 2001. Wow. I’m actually actually happy for Cleveland. I don’t think they will ever get rid of their reputation as, you know, the Browns, but to see them have some sort of success is great for the sport. Baker is looking like a real QB, OBJ is back to being OBJ, and they are slowly but surely finding their identity as an offense. Hell, they lost Nick Chubb in yesterdays game and Kareem Hunt put on a damn show. It will be hard for them to win the division with the Ravens still balling out, but if Cleveland can make a playoff push, watch out. Also, Browns fans are going BRAZY right now:

Part of me loves to see this. The realistic side of me says a lot of these fans will be let down come January. Oh well, enjoy it while you can I guess.

#3: Bye Bye Bill

Texans: 23

Vikings: 31

This should of happened after they lost to the Chiefs in the playoffs last year. Bill O’Brien is GONE as the Texan’s Head Coach and General Manager. This is after a loss to the Vikings which placed the Texans at 0-4, a team with relatively high expectations this year. They have the highest payroll in the league this year. They sent their 2021 first and second round draft picks to the Dolphins. This team is…. FUCKED! I mean I get why he was fired, however, they had a GAUNTLET of a schedule to begin the season. They played the Chiefs, Ravens, and the Steelers. Losing all three, they would think facing the winless Vikings would turn their season around. Nope. Sorry Houston, you are back to falling into the pit of irrelevancy. I would feel bad, but fuck the Texans. That butt-chin better not show his face in Houston again:

#2: Covid Madness

Steelers-Titans: Postponed



Well, Covid finally hit the NFL. The Titans had multiple cases causing their game against the Steelers to be canceled. The Patriots had a few cases on their team as well. Starting Quarterback Cam Newton was diagnosed and unable to play this week. Fortunate for the Patriots, the game was only postponed one day, to Monday night. Unfortunate for the Patriots, they had to travel to play in the same day against the best team in the league. Backup QBs Brian Hoyer and Jarrett Stidham were less than stellar as the Chiefs rolled to a 26-10 victory.

In my most humble opinion, the NFL handled the Covid outbreak relatively well. Although there was only a small amount of cases, they for the most part contained it, and made it possible for football to be played. Hopefully this is the only outbreak that we encounter during this season. Probably not, but I am a man of wishful thinking.

#1: Who Dat back on track

The Good Guys: 35

The Kittens: 29

And just like that, we’re back in the winning column baby! The Saints overcame an early 14-0 deficit and scored 35 unanswered points to defeat the Lions 35-29. First and most importantly:

Who doesn’t love a good ole Scorigami. Unfortunately for the Lions, that was the only good thing to come out of this week. They have now led double digits in three games this season. The kicker? They have lost all three. Maybe Matt Patricia went for two at the end at the game just to get the Scorigami. Doubtful, but wishful thinking yet again. For the Lions, the road looks very dark. Patricia seems to be on his way out. Their defense looked atrocious, and their offense looks very bland. Maybe the kittens can get it together, but I doubt it.

Drew Haters, Where y’at?

All I have heard the last three weeks is that Drew Brees is washed. Drew can’t throw the ball anymore. Yadda Yadda Yadda. Drew showed he can still zip the ball down the field. Brees was 6/9 (nice) for 130 yards on passes of 15+ yards down field. Not bad for someone who supposedly only throws 5 yard slant routes. October is generally when the Saints turn it on, so time will tell if Drew’s arm can hold up. I firmly believe it can, and with two very winnable games against the Chargers and the Panthers up next, the Saints should be looking relatively pretty going into November. Devin Snow never gave up on Drew, and neither should you.

Shout out Kay Adams. She’s been a Saints ride or die for as long as I can remember. Kay, hit me up if you ever want to chat Saints football, or anything else for that matter.

Saints are getting their groove back

Cam Jordan finally emerged in the stat column recording his first one of the season. Thank God. For someone who is an obvious all pro, he surely has been quiet this season. The defensive line all around looked solid. Also, the Brees-Sanders connection is finally coming together. He had 6 catches for 93 yards. Not bad. When MT13 gets back, there will likely be less pressure on Mike as Sanders is becoming a viable threat. And also, a HUGE shout out to Tre’quan Smith. Two huge touchdown grabs. He is also filling Michael Thomas’ void rather well. I feel very comfortable with this receiving core moving forward. Although the game got a little close at the end, the way this team grinded out the victory tells me all I need to know about the Saints moving forward. Also, ALVIN KAMARA FOR MVP. I said what I said.

Quick Bits

  • The Cardinals are FRAUDS. They got everyone believing that they are good, however, they are not. On the other hands, the Panthers look like they are becoming a legitimate team. Hopefully their little hot streak cools down before the Saints get to them.
  • ATLOL, volume 4. Should I say anymore? I can sleep well at night knowing the Failcons are 0-4.
  • Big Dick Nick is obviously NOT Chicago’s guy. Is it time to go back to Mitch?
  • Bills Mafia baby! Josh Allen is a stud, the Bills are 4-0 for the first time in probably forever.
  • Tom Brady still looks good, which is scary for us Saints fans.

Biggest Headlines Recap




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