Bobby Shmurda On His Way Home With Quavo In A Jet, No Shit

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Bobby Shmurda Is On His Way Home In A Jet With Quavo

We’ve already found the biggest headline of the day as Bobby Shmurda is on his way home from prison in a dead ass jet with Quavo. Not bad for the grand departure after serving six years for pleading guilty to some gang charges.

Bobby Shmurda on his flex shit.
Flexing on his own maw.

Bobby Bitch

It’s Bobby Bitch! Got the utter audacity flexing on his Momma like that, but the vibes are real for what many up there claim the King Of New York.

no time wasted.

Imagine having 2 million followers ready to hear/see whatever the fuck ya bout to present after serving six years in the pin. The Shmurda dance, one or two hit songs, and just being a controversial dude has landed Bobby Shmurda into absolute relevance at its maximum today.

Bobby plans on heading home to have some intimate dinner with his family and will jump right back into making music shortly after. Insulation will be key for both Bobby’s intimate relations with his significant others and for his music recording. Nobody knows that better than Bobby and nobody can insulate a home, studio, or workplace better than Insulation Installers. Call them today for a quote. Let these fellas keep ya place properly insulated.


HTM Undressed

I’ll see you assholes tonight for HTM Undressed 195 live from the not so iconic yet, but soon to be…SpreadQuarters.

Grab the new CoxSux shirt.

If ya know, ya know.


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