Boosie Slapped The Piss Out This Fella For $554, Insta Suspended

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Boosie Slapped The Piss Out This Fella

Wake up on Sunday morning like Boosie slapped ya right in ya filthy mouth. Apparently, that’s exactly what happened this weekend at a gas station to some highly intoxicated Guy Harvey fella.

Impact on this smack.

hope this was a one take thing.

Knew it was staged when I saw “Da Baby’

Boosie Slap Story

Let’s talk about what buddy got for getting open handed to the dome by the golden child.

Boosie paid the man $554 after slapping the fuck outta him for the music video “period” w/ Da Baby. Here is the proof.

It’s all love in the corner store.

Da Baby slaps em with a tip for his troubles.

The Guy Harvey shirt has me fucking joked out right now. Also, ya gotta get hype over this Baby & Boosie combo in general. It was so meant to be. Boosie’s laugh. Love it.

a Boosie mannequin lol.


Would Ya Let Boosie Slap The Fuck Outta Ya For $554?

Is this something the common folks would agree to doing if they were absolutely smashed like this guy seemed to be? Idk man, it ain’t like Boosie gonna save ya phone number and call ya on Sunday to blow backwoods. It’s literally this:

  • $554
  • Trending for days
  • See ya later

That’s about it.


Boosie is suspended again on Instagram.

fucking devils.

Don’t suspend flavor from ya Crawfish boils this season. Boosie wouldn’t, we know that. Grab some Frog Bone while ya can and use “Mayo” as the checkout code online. That’ll get ya 15% off right from the jump.



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