Jake Paul Ends Tyron Woodley’s Boxing Career

Somehow Jake Paul Continues To Win Back in August Jake Paul said he’d KO Woodley It didn’t happen then but somehow the kid pulled it off. Get ready for the social media shit show that’s soon to follow. Going into this fight I legitimately thought Jake Paul would win via decision. This was an unexpected […]

EA Sports Is Down To Do Another Fight Night And That’s Tight

Another Fight Night In The Makings

EA Sports announced that their project codenamed ‘Moneyball’, which is really just another Fight Night…has been put in production. That should really wake the ones who called their buddies over to the house 15-20 years ago just to whoop that ass in fight night. The greatest sports combat game of all-time as UFC has not […]

Floyd Mayweather Weighs In A Zillion Pounds Less Than Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather weighs in with Logan Paul

Logan Paul took his first win against Floyd Mayweather on Saturday night during weigh-ins for their Sunday night doozie at the Hard Rock Stadium in South Florida. Fuck Weight… Paul wound up weighing in 34.5 pounds heavier than Mayweather, which throws any type of understanding of what his fight means out the fucking window. Floyd […]

Jake Paul Versus Ben Askren On Saturday Is Must Watch Shit

Ben Askren Versus Jake Paul

Easily the biggest thing going on this weekend is Jake Paul versus Ben Askren on Saturday night in that wack ass Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Not sold yet? Welp, Snoop Dogg will be hosting the event and a man is a damn lie if he says that Snoop has ever missed on commentary. Still not sold? […]

Mike Tyson Says He’s Ready To Fight Evander Holyfield In May

Mike Tyson Says He's Ready To Fight Evander Holyfield

This is the type of headlining we needed on a rainy Thursday in New Orleans as Mike Tyson says that the Evander Holyfield fight is a full go, book it up May 29th. Barring some negotiations between the Tyson and Holyfield camps that seems to be just about settled according to sources I don’t personally […]

The Fight We Never Wanted: Lamar Odom And Aaron Carter

2021 is attempting to put a smile on faces with the news releasing that Lamar Odom is set to face Aaron Carter in a celebrity boxing match in June. Look, this is a fucking gig for both gentleman, a very nice one. Three rounds of I don’t even fucking understand are set to take place […]

Great Time To Recall Rocky Beat Juice Head Drago On This Day

Rocky Balboa

In the most memorable act of prevailing for the United States of America, Rocky Balboa overcame all odds 35 years ago on this day. Yes, the single greatest sporting event that never actually happened. That it was. I mean, how many fucking times have ya sat there during a Rocky marathon and got the chills […]

Jake Paul May Actually Be Funny Sometimes

Jake Paul May Actually Be FUnny

Don’t take this the wrong way when I say that this latest content released by Jake Paul may actually be pretty entertaining and hilarious. Nah, he is witty. Guy is a walking promotional douchebag, but when will folks finally understand that this is what sells? It just fucking does and this is just fucking funny. […]

Jake Paul Has Gone Too Far

Jake Paul Thinks He Can Beat Pro Fighters This guy has to be out of his mind at this point, maybe it’s making all those videos for Youtube, Maybe it’s beating fellow content creators, Or even worse maybe it’s a coach in his ear. Now the caveat here is Jake is calling out probably the […]

Jake Paul Just Sent Nate Robinson Straight To Hell

Watch Jake Paul Send Nate Robinson To Hell.

When the night had started to get dull, Jake Paul took former slam dunk mini-monster Nate Robinson on a trip to hell. My man don’t even fucking look the same. Didn’t see this one on my wager card, but ya can bet ya pocket change that I would’ve laid mine on Nate. Well, look who […]