Breaking Barriers With XFL Officiating

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XFL Officiating Women

The XFL is in on women! The league announced that all XFL Officiating crews will have at least one female on board. The women of the XFL are trading in pom poms for zebra stripes…

XFL Women In 2001

XFL Women Today

What a difference 19 years can make! Some people saw nothing wrong with the cheerleaders. However, it wasn’t family-friendly and it certainly was not “for the love of football”. I for one, am all for this new movement by the XFL. When announcements like these are made not everyone will be happy. Therefore, all types of internet trolls will respond…

The Assholes

The Funny Guys

Then we have this guy…

Well Jay, you sir are a jackass. Your comment suggests that women are weak. However, you are wrong! Sports like MMA, wrestling, and hockey have proved your statement inaccurate. The only female ref in the NFL has proven you wrong. Here is a history lesson for you bud…

This is a great move by the XFL. Does it mean that the XFL officiating crew will get every call right? Probably not. However, there is no way in hell it could be as bad as the fuckery in the NFL!

First weed, now women? Can this league just start already!? This is Domi departing, hold it.

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