Breaking Down The Anthony Davis California Crawfish Boil

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The wild thing about the internet is you can’t even post a crawfish boil without the entire state of Louisiana observing it. They gonna either love to see it or hate to see it. Anthony Davis had to have known this when he agreed to a private YouTube crawfish boil.

Set The Scene

On June 8th, 2022 the world was presented with Anthony Davis attending a solo crawfish boil held by Chef Jay Voo from Louisiana at the AD residence. Props to Chef Jay Voo for grinding his way to AD’s house to boil him some crawfish. This was not ya ordinary crawfish boil though, let’s be honest. It was a private YouTube boil in Los Angeles at AD’s house. All we were missing was Ryan Seacrest in this mfer. Everything about this spelled disaster from the jump. That’s before we actually knew what was inside this outrageously foreign crawfish boil.

The AD California Crawfish Boil

Again, all the props in the world to Chef Jay Voo for what he’s accomplishing. However, I don’t know a single mfer in Louisiana throwing gallons of Sunny D in the crawfish boil. I’m not even saying the shit prolly don’t taste good, it’s just not traditional.

& it’s a late Crawfish season boil at AD’s California pad. This shit screams what the fuck is really going on…

Tampico Orange Juice

My man threw my whole childhood in a pot and brought it to a boil. He claims the orange juice balances the spices and adds that citrus flavor. But, I’ve never seen nothing beyond just slicing real ass oranges.

Chef Jay Voo shopping for AD’s crawfish boil.

The orange juice wasn’t the only concern here.

Curveball Items

  • 10 gallons of Tampico orange juice
  • Red, Green, Yellow & Orange Bellpeppers
  • Paprika
  • Lobster Tails
  • Mussels?

All thrown into a boil. Mussels fam, Mussels.

Like, watching the Mussels fall out of the crawfish boil pot really threw me the fuck off. We then got to witness AD peel crawfish like a four year old (as expected) and suck the head like he was sipping Napa Valley red wine. This quickly turned into the most California crawfish boil we ever witnessed. I’m also not sold on this method, I tried to understand.

Regardless, what do you think this meant when you really look at it in depth? A troll by AD or was he just a true fan of this dude with the OJ and Paprika? This could’ve been a simple case of AD missing Louisiana times, but watching him peeling a Crawfish makes ya think he hung out in his closet while he was down here. Lebron couldn’t make the boil? Nobody knows, but this was super odd looking at it from here.

That’s all folks.

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