Britney Spears Has The Entire Country Wanting To Know More

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Britney Spears Has The Entire Country Behind Her Freedom

For the last 24 hours, Britney Spears has me wondering so many things about her current state. As an informed, young American on social media, I saw that there was a documentary people had been raving about the last week. Been trying to get to it and finally did last night. Within 30 minutes I was walking around my house fucking calling and messaging anybody I knew who would give a fuck about this scenario.

I’ll spare the generic tale of why this means something to me. How about this? She was the biggest fucking deal in the world growing up as a kid. If ya weren’t flattered by Britney Spears you were not a real life flesh bro. Britney vibes, brah.

idk how.

I gotta be honest here folks,

This shit is worth ya time if ya have some.

Start with the documentary.

This is the full doc on YouTube (claims fair use)
I’m sure it’ll get deleted, but watch while it’s there.

From There

Head over to Britney’s Instagram (click here) and take a dive into that, make ya observation, and if ya have a heart ya will side with the Kentwood, Louisiana born legend. That’s just my honest opinon.

Things to know:

  • Britney Spears has been under a court filed conservatorship for nearly 13 years. 10+ of those years her father, Jamie Spears has been the primary conservator and is seeking to be the primary going forward in a court battle coming up later this year.
  • Conservatorship: It’s a judge appointed ruling that Britney Spears cannot care for herself or manage finances.
  • Financial, medical, residential, and career decisions are controlled by the conservator of Britney Spears.
  • The #FreeBritney movement gained serious fucking steam in 2019, but really gains traction when Britney Spears is active on that instagram.
  • It will only get bigger from here.
  • She will post from her home often.
  • This shit is sad as fuck.
  • It’s Britney, not Brittany, bitch.
it’s hitting like that right now, free brit

Britney’s Gram

At first ya go to the instagram and might think this woman is losing her fucking mind. Ya right, she clearly is going through some things. However, with over 27.4 million followers the comment section is speaking loudly. Something tells me she is observing it heavily and listening.

Britney on Sunday.
watch several videos to try and crack this code.

Britney’s gram has been so popular the last two-three years that podcasts all over the country are devoted to talking about it and her. One of the two main guest on the doc are two ladies who have indulged themselves into Britney’s current state. (Britney’s Gram) Spears is all about the following on instagram right now:

  • dancing
  • tagging famous folks
  • taking pics w/ her bf, Sam Asghari
  • posting quotes & riddle content
no word from JT.

Not a good look for JT on the documentary might one mention. The current narrative out there is that he utilized a break-up with Britt to boost his career.

no case is ever closed.


I mean there is something to this content. Don’t get me wrong, she may be loose as a mothafuckin’ goose on some meds, but I’m not gonna doubt this girls intelligence on presenting some code through struggle. Again, 27.4 million followers who are in the threads saying how much they love her and want to see her free.

the world is behind Britney’s freedom.

THIS, is the most interesting thing going on in the world and I have no issue saying I’ve indulged myself into it. Also expecting to hear the input from holders tonight on HTM Undressed 187 live from SpreadQuarters.

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