Bronson Rechsteiner: Wrestling Pedigree. Future NFL Player.

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Bronson Rechsteiner NFL Draft

Meet our new favorite fullback to replace Zach Line on the Saints roster. Bronson Rechsteiner. Zach Line retired this offseason leaving a hole in the Saints offense in his wake. Rechsteiner might be the right guy to plug that hole. This guy is a fucking bowling ball.

Bronson Rechsteiner

Bronson is what we call a deep sleeper in the 2020 NFL Draft. Not a lot of people know his name. He isn’t talked about in most draft circles. That isn’t a surprise. He played at FCS school Kennesaw State University. After watching his reel, it’s clear that the kid is one hell of an athlete. His tape was a fun one to watch. But his story might be even more fun! He is the son of a Professional Wrestling Hall of Famer.

Son of Rick Steiner

Bronson Rechsteiner - Rick's Son

Nephew of Scott Steiner

Bronson Rechsteiner. Scott's Nephew

For anyone who wasn’t a fan of pro wrestling in the mid to late 90s, Scott and Rick Steiner(The Steiner Brothers) combined to form one of the most well-known tag teams of their era.

Bronson as a Prospect

One day, Bronson Rechsteiner has plans to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a professional wrestler. But first, his focus is on playing professional football. His senior year at Kennesaw State, he rushed 112 times for 909 yards and seven touchdowns. That led the team’s triple-option attack in rushing yards despite only having the third most carries.

Rechsteiner flashes in the passing game, too. Despite KSU only attempting 117 passes all year, Bronson caught eight passes for 101 yards. And true to his wrestling background, he doesn’t mind putting his body on the line as a lead blocker. One thing to take note of with Reschsteiner’s blocking, he FINISHES every block. This kid plays with an intensity that’s eye-popping on the field. Most expect this guy to run a 4.5-second 40-yard dash at his pro-day. However, there are rumblings that he may clock in the 4.3 range as well as ace the strength and explosion drills.

Will He Get Drafted?

Fullbacks are not a sought after commodity in the NFL Draft. In the past two years, only two fullbacks were selected in each draft. So the odds of Bronson getting drafted are slim at best based on his position. However, if he does find himself as an undrafted free agent following the draft, some team will be more than happy to take a chance on him to become their next fullback. We sure wouldn’t mind if that team were the New Orleans Saints. He fits the athletic profile. He fits the prototypical size. And, his highlight tape has Triple H’s entrance music. There are worse guys to take a chance on!


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