Broomstick Bonanza: Holders United

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Broomstick History with Hold The Mayo.

Please have a seat, while we discuss the spectacle that will be forever known as Broomstick Bonanza.

Before any talk on broomsticks, take this inner character poll.

It is so hard to forget those fucking idiots who were levitating on them not too long ago. Yet, equally as hard to forget the moments it was utilized on below average talent on stage. How about the Wicked Witch of the West? Shit, wait let me tell you why we are here.

Broomstick emoji = Very unliked post
Facebook Holders United.

Broomstick Background

It certainly is not due to boredom, lack of work, or the high percentage chance that I took a couple bowls to the face before arriving here today.

What if we told you that our best work has involved toomies, red beans, bourbon, filthy blogs, a show called Undressed, and a……. broom 🧹? Holders United.

Posted by Hold The Mayo on Friday, June 12, 2020
An absolute fucking shit show.

It is in fact due to a Facebook group that has perfected the execution of a broomstick. Upon starting this group, we had to figure out how to filter god awful content out of it. Some folks just weren’t meant to be the creators of conversation. Never seen a stick used so well.

First of all, 16 thousand plus people liked this shit? These fucking twitter football heads are incredibly easy to entertain.
Meet Todd. Not all heroes wear capes.

Turns out, the mayo community has not wasted a second in advocating the broomstick. Anything to eliminate paint dryers from posting scarring content. I don’t think we would be here if it weren’t for Todd. He took the lick of being a complete copy cat, to get us into the kitchen where we stand today. (with a broom)

Symbolic Goodbye’s

Great content for Holders United, or a broomstick to the fucking face.

Broomstick Bonanza


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