Bryce Hall Thinks Jack Harlow Pulled A Robbery On Addison Rae

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Bryce Hall Thinks

Bryce Hall thinks Jack Harlow has been laying pipe on Addison Rae and he’ll tell ya all about it on Twitter right now.

Addison Rae supposedly unfollowed homie on social media and was also seen with Harlow at the Jake Paul/Ben Askren fight. MAY have seen Bryce earlier that day.

lol this guy’s reply.

To catch some folks up on who the fuck Bryce Hall, Jack Harlow, and Addison Rae are, I’ve decided to assemble three bullet points of direct information.

  • Addison Rae from Lafayette, blew up on Tok, hangs out with the Kardashians at this point. 80M followers on Tik-Tok, 37M followers on Instagram.
  • Bryce Hall also blew up on Tik-Tok doing trend dances and he did em so good that Addison Rae started dating the fella until a couple months ago he was suspected for cheating.
  • Jack Harlow is a rapper, what’s poppin’, brand new whip he coppin, he got options, like watching Addison Rae Tik-Tokin’
Jack Harlow stock WAY ^


Some asshole with a blue check and credible sources he swears by said that this robbery is official as a whistle.


But, Addison took to Twitter last night…


Jack Harlow fans are rallying in support of the news despite no real confirmation as of yet.

Who wouldn’t wanna see a guy like Jack Harlow pull a diamond heist on some tool bag tik-tok dancer? Yeah, this is a win for common folks.

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