Can Gus Bus Deliver A Fantasy Championship?

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Gus Edwards Fantasy

Gus Edwards fantasy outlook appears to be bright after J.K. Dobbins suffered a serious knee injury in his final preseason game. Now the question remains, Can Gus Edwards deliver you a fantasy championship?

Yes. I believe he can. The Baltimore Ravens are set to lend the keys to Gus Edwards to lead the backfield with no threat behind him. It’s time to hop on the Gus Bus to carry you to the playoffs and contend for a championship!

What to Expect from the Gus Bus

Gus Edwards value looks to be shooting up fantasy draft boards and his season projections are sky rocketing. Take a look at what the fantasy community has to say.

With 1300 total yards & 7 touchdowns you are looking out a 2020 James Robinson outcome with a top 10 finish (Check out my latest discussion on James Robinson -> here). A lot of things would need to happen for the Gus Bus breakout. Edwards should be target in your drafts and if you were luckily enough to draft him before the weekend you should be set up to contend for a championship.

That’s a bold strategy, Cotton

I made the adjustment to put Gus Bus up my rankings to RB20. This would put him in the range with: Chris Carson, James Robinson, Mike Davis. His ADP hasn’t adjust with the weekend update. His current Expert Consensus Ranking (ECR) is RB25. Some experts have Edwards as high as RB 18 in their rankings.

Gus Edwards Fantasy Outlook

There you have my opinion, and the fantasy community explain their immediate reaction to the Gus Edwards update. It’s fair to expect Edwards to gain full control of the RB carries for this team. It’s still possible the Ravens to sign a FA running back, but that doesn’t scare me away from thinking the potential breakout he could have this season. Gus Edwards can certainly deliver you a fantasy championship come January.

To everyone in Southeast Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, Stay Safe.

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