Can You Imagine If Dog The Bounty Hunter Finds This Asshole?

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Dog The Bounty Hunter

All talk about television being full of crap is off if Dog The Bounty Hunter pulls through on finding this asshole Brian Laundrie. Just know, he’s fucking looking.

Dog said his dogs are trained to track scent and the adrenaline of a human. Laundrie better run and find a fucking submarine at this point cause it’s only a matter of time till the Dog bites him right in his mountain loving ass.


Look how long he will stay in the sun for a fugitive!


The Parents

Dog isn’t putting the parents aside either, he claims 50% of the time the parents know where the kids are at. With over 10,000 fugitives captured during the course of his career chasing assholes, I won’t be the one brushing off Dog having the ability to capture Laundrie.

Imagine being Brian Laundrie right now taking a shit somewhere in the woods wiping his ass with leaves only to look up and see Dog flying this witty yet assuring banner in the sky.


It’s Either

Dog is really on some legendary Dog ass shit that we always thought he was about or he’s just full of dog shit and wasting everyone’s time. All I can do is kinda hope that this dude doesn’t have some sort of old man disease that makes him way outta touch. Dude is really searching all of fucking Florida right now, it can’t be a bad thing that Dog is searching.


I’d recommend Twitter for all updates on if Dog The Bounty Hunter has found this fucking kid and where he is searching. Actually, I recommend Twitter for any type of updates in any category of life.

Dog searching for Laundrie in Fort De Soto

If ya see Brian Laundrie kick him in the fucking balls and call Dog The Bounty Hunter immediately. Head to Midas on Canal street to get ya vehicle serviced if ya shit about to blow up. Y’all have a blessed day.



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